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The Wizard Zoltan

What art is more mysterious than magic?


Zoltan is a master of this discipline


let it be the animal magic number

or the great illusion through close-up and mentalism.

one-hour show for all public or private events

He will have all the solutions to make your event a success


Dare to be different

Magic Fabian

Spectacle interactif dédier aux petites têtes blondes, mais également à toute la famille..

Abracadabra d'un coup de baguette magique Fabian, vous emportent dans son monde imaginaire.

Apparition, disparition, change, humour, tous les ingrédients d'un bon spectacle de magie sont ici réuni.

The Magic Duo Jack'Magic & Misstinguett'

Very nice home show lasting 1h30, which requires the participation of children and even adults if there are any.

Duo Show, the stage show suitable for home shows, which gives the illusion that you are in a small theater!

Alice also does us the honor of leaving her Wonderland to attend Jack'Magic, part of the show!

This show is also rich in animal magic: rabbits, doves, and... parakeets/parrots > UNIQUE training act in Belgium: "Les Parruches make their Circus"


For children (from 4 years old) I offer a conjuring show lasting 45 minutes for end-of-year celebrations of works councils, family reunions, birthdays and children's snacks .

It is quality magic that will please adults and children alike with the active participation of children. It is a varied program, with the production of flowers, appearances, disappearances, manipulations, journeys, changes of colors, scarves, banknotes, coins, thimbles, balls, ropes.


Music and appropriate lighting will also be present to highlight the show.

SC Magic

Ce spectacle comblera les enfants de 4 à 10 ans mais aussi les adultes car même si le texte est tourné vers les enfants, les effets, eux, sont tout public et ne manqueront pas de vous étonner.


Ce spectacle de 30, 45 ou 60 min a été pensé pour pouvoir aussi s’introduire dans votre maison.
L’espace scénique ne dépassant pas 3m sur 3.

Son montage ne dure que 30 minutes.

Olivier Maricoux


Duration: 45 minutes

This show is made up of animal magic tricks: doves and rabbits (all alive!), various and surprising tricks: ball, newspaper, scarves, fire, etc. A large number of them are made with seemingly ordinary objects. The public is of course not left out. Some tours require the participation of people from the audience. Laughter and pleasure are also there.


This Magician alone is a character to meet!!!!

Appearance, disappearance, metamorphosis, ......

An exceptional program of new tricks are presented during this show.

Call on Bliss for your organizations!!!!!

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