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Fakir Belgium

A breathtaking number...

Our Fakir,

fire eater, tames the ventral and dorsal nail boards,

lies down on crushed glass and even hides his face in it while you trample his body!

He fights the pain of the nails piercing his nose,

plays with grinders in action,

lies down on cutting axes while participants break bricks with sledgehammers on his body!

Thrills guaranteed!


Aaron of the East

Aaron masters the art of fakirism like no other, accompanied or not by his inseparable giant snake, he will surprise the public, with the classic exercises of this ancestral art, but also thanks to the part where he pierces his body with several large needles. ..

Do you want your event to be remembered???

So ask for the Aaron d'Orient show

Seen on many television channels!!!!

Alex Tiffany's

Exceptional fakir, Alex Tiffany's will thrill you, nails, fire, glass, have no secrets for him!!!

broken brick, block, a body that can resist all tests

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