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Patrick Hubert

Polyglot (French, Dutch, English and Italian) he will be able to adapt to your event whatever it may be: engagement, wedding, birthday, theme evening, bachelor or bachelorette party, New Year's Eve, bar- mitzvah, communion, baptism, etc.

A colorful spectacle!!!!

Lou Baliba: “Julie and the valley of possibilities

There is a world where all beings live happily. A world where each character is useful to the other. A world where everything comes to life. A world without war or violence. A world of magic.

The valley of possibilities...

Julie often went to the valley of possibilities to breathe the scent of happiness from its pretty bouquets of flowers. But one day, Julie saw time passing and took a shortcut to return home. The forest of darkness...

Due to bad luck, our poor Julie came face to face with the witch Chantal Envers who sang her evil vocals to steal her soul. Julie let herself be carried away by the witch's sweet voice, and little by little, fell to the ground with her eyes wide open.

The goblin Shtrouns discovers Julie's body and takes her to the old sorcerer Lù BaliBa, the only one capable of restoring her soul with the help of a few children from our world.

Among the ingredients written on the old grimoire, we find three-headed cow's milk, a gold nugget from Dragor, the dragon guardian of gold or even magic powder from mischievous elves...

With the magic potion and the combined powers of the children and the sorcerer Lù BaliBa, will they succeed in recovering Julie's soul??

A magical show that will immerse children in an imaginary world...

Show duration: 60 min.

Recommended age: Family from 3 years old

Lù Baliba “The Psychopathomagic Experiment”

Un spectacle délirant mêlant magie et ventriloquie dont le thème est un cours de science-physique donné par le professeur Loù BaliBa, un scientifique complètement disjoncté qui étudie la science de la magie depuis qu'il est très très très... vieux.


Dans ce cours, les enfants découvriront les secrets de la dématérialisation et matérialisation de divers objets, un robot vivant crée par les soins du professeur Loù BaliBa, un monstre raté, une moufette puante, un dessin qui parle et plein d'autres folies magiques ... 


Le professeur et ses élèves tenteront de réaliser l’élixir de la dématérialisation de la tête humaine. 

Vont-ils y parvenir ?


Un grand moment de mystère, d'humour, de magie et surtout de complicité avec les enfants.




Durée du spectacle: 60 min.

Age conseillé: Familial à partir de 6 ans

Where Baliba “Mystery and BubbleGum”

Where BaliBa is a funny confectioner magician passionate about

good magic candies...


His dream...


Create Monsieur Cuberdon's Lovelygums, a delicious magical candy that brings a good mood to its consumer.


But our friend has a problem!!

He cannot find the recipe that Mr. Cuberdon gave him.


Where BaliBa will need the help of children and funny characters like Ball of Hair the chocolate addict, Zozio the Zozio the crazy parrot, Willy the little boy who only does stupid things and many others in order to find the recipe for the famous Lovelygums.


“Mystère et Bubble Gum” is an original, funny, participatory and very colorful magic and ventriloquism show with an educational notion about the overconsumption of sweets.

Show duration: 50 min.

Recommended age: Family from 3 years old

Dominique & Annette

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